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So glad I found Karl & his bootcamp. Such a welcoming person and a lovely friendly group of people that go. Karl explains how to undertake the exercises clearly & adapts where required for any individual requirements. There is no pressure to keep up with others - you just go at the pace that suits you. Very reasonably priced too!! Looking forward to the next 10 week bootcamp. 

"Karen Parslow"

Jessie Brown

Aylesbury Bootcamp - my first ever bootcamp experience and absolutely LOVE IT 

Karl is very friendly, funny and makes me feel very welcome. Each session was different and exercises were various! "Ewa"

Jessie Brown

Karl Morgans occasionally dodgy playlists aside, this group is awesome! been training with Karl for a few years now, and always good to welcome new faces. relaxed and fun atmosphere, variety of mixed sessions that get you proper sweaty or feeling the burn... often both! kettlebell killa, hammer swinging, tyre flipping, hernia inducing flutters, bonus burpees and uno card madness... in all weathers! and kept many of us going with online sessions during Covid. keep it up fella, see you in September! bring back boxing!   "Mike Carter"

Aylesbury Bootcamp - lots of sweat, laughter and exercise! Each session is fun and varied. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Highly recommended. "Caroline McDonald"

10 weeks into bootcamps with Karl and it’s exactly what I needed!

Designed for all abilities, therefore you only do what you can manage - you're not competing against someone.

Karl is friendly and encouraging and everyone in the group is lovely!

Also chance for some socials and chance to get to know a new group of people.

If you’re unsure - just give it a’ll love it!   "Abi Louise Miles"

I have been coming to bootcamp for over 3 years. Karl puts alot of effort into making sure each session is different.

Everyone is welcoming and friendly, it's a fun environment to workout in.

We can all work and our own pace but Karl is always there to support us and encourage us to push ourselves that bit more.    "Lucy Roberts"

Have been attending twice a week since February 2022 and have seen improvement in overall fitness.

The group are welcoming and Karl is very encouraging.

Each session is different which keeps your interest.

The cost of the bootcamp is more than reasonable and I seen more results than previously held monthly memberships at gyms.

Come along, have some fun and improve your fitness. "Helen Oliver"



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